Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trannydyke Messes with Texas

It matters which state you live in, and whether that state offers any protections for minorities and the poor.

Quick example:
Minimum wage in Texas, place of your bloggerbot's previous residence: $5.15
Minimum wage in California, state where he now blissfully resides: $9.14

Unlike Texas, California also protects its citizens from discrimination on the basis of gender identity. So does New York City. Protective laws, or lack thereof, will likely determine the outcomes of two cases hot off the wire. A transgender woman in New York was refused admittance into Loehmann's dressing rooms. She is suing, and will almost certainly win because the store's policy violates city law. A woman in Texas had an employment offer rescinded when the would-be employer, River Oaks Imaging and Diagnostic, learned she was transgendered. She has sued. According to the suit, the company claimed "she misrepresented herself as a woman," brazenly announcing the reasons for its actions because there are no laws against them.

Go west, young man, go west. (Or move to New York, but I hear there are no butches there.)


Anonymous said...

Minimum wage in CA is actually $6.75. I'm pretty sure that there's an ordinance in San Francisco that makes it $8.30 for employees that work more than 2 hours a week. There would be so many less families living at poverty if minimum wage was $9+.

Cameron said...

Anonymous is right, sort of. As of Jan. 1, CA minimum wage will be $7.50 and San Francisco minimum wage will be $9.14.