Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

That book pretty much describes my day today. (Let's just say it started with my dog eating an enormous and particularly unhealthy-looking human turd in the park as I watched in horror, unable to catch her.) When I got home I found this article in my inbox, via Google Alerts. It reports that a recent, fairly credible poll found that 51 percent of Americans favor a law banning gay marriage. So not only have I had a brutally crap day today, but these randomly selected Americans would like to tell me that they hope I never find love and happiness. In fact, they'd like to see legislation preventing me from finding love and happiness.

But then it struck me: That's what this is all about. The whole idea of banning gay marriage is to make gay people feel that they don't deserve happiness. And whoever is polling on gay marriage right now is on their side. Hasn't gay marriage been polled enough? Wasn't there just a spate of polling in November? Is there any new legislation to prompt new polling?

Nope. Gay marriage is quite definitively illegal (in many cases by both law and constitutional amendment) in all but one state, where the wheels are already in motion to make it illegal again.

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belledame222 said...

crap, i'm sorry. just: wheel goes up, wheel goes down.

and, but yeah: i have always thought that the reason no one can ever define "special rights," but that it has such strong appeal, is because it translates to something like,

"So, you want to change the system in order to be happy, do you? Well, I supported the system all my life, and I'm STILL not happy! And if I'm not happy, NO ONE IS HAPPY. especially not a disgusting little pervert like you, when the ONE thing that keeps me going, sometimes, is that at -least- i'm not queer; it could always be worse. don't you DARE take that away from me."