Friday, February 16, 2007

Texas Lez 3, Texas Leg 0 (Or, My Grudge Against Warren Chisum)

Way back in 1999, a ridiculous Texas lawmaker named Warren Chisum was on the record defending the state's sodomy ban (which applied to hets as well as homos, prompting one sane and humorous lawmaker to ask Chisum if she should go to jail if her husband happened to slip during intercourse [and by the way, we're laughing with her husband, not at him: it's easier to do than you might think!]). Chisum also supported a law that would prevent gay couples—and all households of which any member is suspected of homosexuality—from adopting.

Wow, I was one pissed off little baby bulldagger those days, since I was living in Texas and had just been thrown out of a creative writing class because my queer politics were disruptive—about which the University of Texas said, "Wait, are you calling this sexual harassment? Because it's not, and that's the only way we could make a case against it."

But I digress. Chisum. Yes, Chisum continues to be the world's biggest asshole, claiming—gosh it seems like yesterday, but it was actually a whole week ago!—that Jews invented the theory of evolution (and the Copernican revolution), making it a religious theory that cannot be taught in public schools. (Silly reader, Christian theories are OK, because, well, the people that made them up didn't have big noses!)


Anonymous said...

dear bloggerbot,
i think both you and your blog are highly entertaining, insightful and well-written (ok well the blog is well-written, technically you are not). recently, however, i've been kind of sad to note that there has been little analysis of a personal nature/written from personal experience and more news.

not that the news items you've posted haven't been relevant, because they have - it's just that your take on situations given your lived experience are, to me, much more interesting to read than just reading trans/queer-related news. i understand you're probably busy with real, non-internet related, business, but i just thought i'd let you know.
an anonymous fan

Cameron said...

Yes, yes, it is true. Your bloggerbot is very busy blogging at And a man can only blog so much a day. But now that I know that someone cares enough to read, I will recommit my energies to the gender world (as lived by yours truly).