Friday, March 2, 2007

City Employee in Florida Transitions, Gets Canned

Transsexuals in the national news, Oh my! But the news isn’t good. Steven Stanton, a city commissioner in Largo, Fl., went public with his intention to begin living life as Susan (she has been on hormones for more than 2 years) and was promptly fired.

It’s unclear whether Largo has adequate antidiscrimination legislation to bolster a case against, err, itself, and Stanton says she hasn’t decided whether to fight the move or not. (Stanton claims the city shot down a measure to bar discrimination on the basis of gender identity, but the Human Rights Campaign suggests otherwise.) The media has been all over it. Newsweek is featuring an interview, in which Stanton seems so raw and human it’s painful.

A transgender woman recently fired by a Michigan Christian university said today she does plan to fight the dismissal.

Here's a little good news. You knew it already but the girls in the Go-Go's go go both ways!


Anonymous said...

I think Stanton's got a heck of a lawsuit - check out the law on my blog -

Natasha Yar-Routh said...

More good news, not only is she fighting back but Stanton is getting support from he majority of the residents of Largo. This may turn out to be a major defeat for the religious transphobes.