Monday, March 26, 2007


I've never heard of a transguy deciding to go back to being female, but I bet, given the popularity of transitioning among those in their early 20s, it will become more popular. But maybe, just maybe this is first-ever account of (and by) a person who came to regret the decision to become a man. (There are a lot of verbs in there, but I think that's appropriate, if clunky.) Which makes blogs feel a little worthwhile again. (In my opinion, they make more sense as vehicles for voices otherwise unheard than anything else.)

Do you know of more such man-interrupted stories? What do FTMs who have fully transitioned think of them?


Barry said...

i know of one, a young FTM who was transitioning for quite a while - at least two years - who stopped. She was very young though - 15-16, i think. I don't know her very well, so i couldn't tell you why. that's the only one i know of.

i do remember a bit of a schism among the radfems at my undergrad uni (in Australia) because one of them was thinking about transitioning and the others viewed it as a betrayal of sorts (!), but i don't know how that one ended up.

Anonymous said...

I know one who was on T for 5 years before stopping... two others who went off for a while and then back on... after 3.5 years on T, I'm thinking of stopping, not to go "back" to female but because male doesn't feel exactly right, either.