Monday, March 12, 2007

Largo City Commissioner Becomes Trans Activist

Steven "Susan" Stanton has protested being fired as Largo City Commissioner after coming out as a transsexual (she is being represented by the National Center for Lesbian Rights). The Saint Petersburg Times ran this kind, human portrait. The Saint Petersburg Times, y'all. It always does take someone pretty mainstream who's cried a lot about who they are to break through the walls, but it's still great when it happens.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's often the mainstream types who have the social capital to get the attention, and also the other kind of capital necessary to put on a legal fight. I think Stanton has a heck of a lawsuit if the appeal at the city level doesn't work out. I've analyzed the law on my blog.

Kate said...

I hope she takes 'em to the woodshed. I reckon she'll settle out of court though, it'll be cheaper and easier for the city. That's been my experience when I covered these cases as a reporter.